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  • How does GetBestJobs Work?

    The portal acts as an intermediary between job seekers and recruiters/companies looking to fill in their open positions by providing a unified interface for interaction where.

    • Recruiters can post their jobs openings and advertise it to lakhs of registered jobseekers.

    • Job seekers can explore, discover and apply to a pool of over a million posted jobs.

    •  Job seekers follow and interact with leading recruiters from industries for upgrading their careers.

    GetBestJobs helps fills open positions in following ways:

    • Apply to jobs - On applying for a job on the portal, we automatically send the candidates profile & resume to the recruiter. If the recruiter finds the profile a match, they will contact the candidate via mail or contact to schedule interview.

    • Get discovered by recruiters - once a profile is created on it is added to the GetBestJobs candidate database and recruiters can directly search the database to match their requirements for filling the open position.

    *** Kindly Note GetBestJobs Is Not a Consultancy

  • How to register on GetBestJobs?

    On home page of GetBestJobs click on the "Register as candidate" button. A valid contact number is required for communicating to the candidate, other details like qualification, experience, skills, projects etc. can be added in subsequent steps to complete your profile. Once complete you can explore and apply to jobs.

    *** Candidates can also register with the mobile app.

  • How can I update my GetBestJobs profile.

    Step 1 : Login to your GetBestJobs profile.

    Step 2 : Go to the My Profile option on left hand side of screen or hover your curser to the name displayed on top right corner of screen and in the drop down choose My Profile.

    Step 3 : Go to the section you want to update and click on the Edit icon on the right.

    Step 4 : Fill in the desired details and click on the update button at bottom of the model.

  • What is profile strength and how much should it be?

    The profile strength is a measure of how complete your profile in terms of all the details relevant to the recruiters. You can increase your profile strength by updating all fields of my profile.

    The GetBestJobs encourages you to keep your profile strength to its maximum limit, so that recruiters don't miss your profile while searching to fill job positions.

  • Do I have to pay for applying to jobs on GetBestJobs?

    The GetBestJobs is a free of cost interface for candidates to register, explore and apply for jobs.

  • I am not able to upload my resume?

    Try the following solutions :

    • Your resume size should be less than or equal to 2Mb.

    •  Try switching the formats between .pdf, .doc, .docx.

    •  Your file might be corrupt, try opening the resume first and then upload.

  • I have forgotten my password, how can I login?

    Click on the "Forgot Password" on sign in page.

    Choose "Reset with Email" and enter your registered email to get the link for password reset.


    Choose "Reset with Mobile" and enter your registered mobile number to get a code in SMS for password reset.

  • How can I search for Jobs?

    Log in to the GetBestJobs and hover your curser to FIND JOBS in the Header section at top, a drop down with various sections for job search will be displayed. Click on your desired field and explore jobs.


    On the home page scroll to the Search bar and enter the job title, location, skill etc that you want to search.

  • How to apply for Jobs?

    For applying to any job Click on the Apply button on the right bottom corner of the particular job.

  • How to apply filters to my job/company search?

    For filtering the search results of any job or company search. Use the various options available on the left hand side of page.

    You can also apply 2 or more filters on the same time.