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Dear User is committed to provide a safe and pleasant experience to all its users (Job seekers as well as recruiters.

But unfortunately it has been observed that as the traffic to online job sites and applications has showed an increase so has the fraudulent activities. The main motive being to secure some payment out of the candidates, Kindly be aware any such transaction is not backed by ClustTech innovations Pvt.Ltd. and is in fact against our Terms Of Use.

In view of the above mentioned fact we have jotted down some easy indicators to help you recognize any frauds/misleading vacancies/fake offer letters/differed job offers etc.

Kindly take note of the following and treat them as fraud indicators:

GetBestJobs .com collects a variety of information from its users, such as your name, age, qualification etc., to your career preferences, preferred roles to device info and usage patterns etc. this information is used by us to give you better suggestions and optimize your experience with

Following are the details and stages in which we take information:

• When the recruiters ask for registration amount or fee to apply to a job and assure you it will be refunded..

• When the salaries offered are too god to be true or above the industry/market norm.

• When the employers use personal email IDs.

• When the recruiters have no or very little knowledge about the company and job role hiring for.

• Jobs with poorly written Ads.

• When user is asked for personal details or bank information.

• When the company has no solid web presence.

• When offer letters are provided without any interview (on spot hiring).

• When someone asks to share any OTP received.

• When someone asks to share any 'Reset password' or other email links.

Other Security Issues

Note that ClusstTech Innovations Pvt.Ltd does not assume any responsibility in events of phishing or spoofing.

Report A Fraud

If you notice a fraud or have been a victim to any such fraudulent activity on our platform. You can report it here.